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What is domain parking monetization?
You know that sponsored links bring money. "Domain parking" is an overall method for parking sponsored links on your sites, then harvesting the money that results and making sure you get your share. The right expert can help draw more visitors to your domains to click on more links to paying advertisers.
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What is PayRev?
PayRev is a service that turns your domain names into a magnet for advertising, then tracks and delivers the money that comes in. And we do it without tying you up in irritating rules or commitments. You pay no fees and can leave at any time.
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How do you work?
We cover the waterfront. We help you build the site, we draw visitors to the site, and we use a network of advertisers to match the site with the ads that will work there. Then we monitor and collect the revenues, taking a percentage for services. That is the only money we receive.
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Where do you find advertisers?
Three sources: (1) An auction-driven, pay-per-click network of thousands of advertisers (2) Google AdSense (3) Personalized advertiser relationships. Moreover, visitors to your domain names can access a free, cutting-edge social bookmarking tool that allows them to save Web pages in their personal archive and share links to your site with friends, family, and thousands of network members.
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Can I see one of your monetized Web sites?
Take a look at http://sariworld.com
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Can I set up affiliates under my account?
Yes! You can earn an affiliate commission on subaccounts who register through an affiliate link that we provide. Our referral program pays you a bonus of up to 10% of the net earnings of any domain owner that you refer. Set up an account now!!
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Do I pay to join?
No, membership is absolutely free. And you don't pay to leave either there are no termination fees or penalties.
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How many domains do I need?
You can start with zero. We have no restrictions regarding minimum number of domain names or minimum amount of traffic.
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Are there domains you don't accept?
We don't want sexual material or anything tied to gambling, illegal activity, or trademark infringement. We also say no to material we find deliberately offensive.In some cases criteria may be subjective, but we will exercise our judgment as best we can.
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Do I sign anything I don’t want to?
No. There is no contract and no service commitment. If you choose another provider, we will automatically end service as soon as you switch your domain names to them.
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Do I need advanced technical specs?
Just Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, or any other up-to-date standard Web browser.
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How much revenue does a parked domain generate?
Your revenue per 1,000 impressions (RPM) will range from $10 to $100. Five domains, each averaging 100 unique impressions per day, can bring $7,300 a year. Factors include traffic volume and quality, and how long your domain name has been active.
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What is your revenue payout ratio?
Out of the money paid by the advertiser, our ad agency gets 25% and PayRev gets 75%. That 75% is then split down the middle with you.
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How is my money paid to me?
You can receive your money by check, PayPal, or wire transfer. Just tell us which you prefer.
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What is the lowest amount you will process?
$10 by PayPal, $50 by check, or $1,000 by wire transfer. If your money from one month doesn't reach that high, we will bundle it with your money from following months until you meet the threshold and get your payout.
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Describe your payout cycle.
Our payout cycle follows net 15. That means your money for a given month, if the amount meets the thresholds given above, will be paid to you by the 15th of the next month.
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Can I use artificial means to generate hits?
No. All hits have to be by real live people. In addition to natural traffic from type-ins, organic search, and Web site links, we only allow advertising traffic from the major search engines. Artificially driving up hits to your site can lead to termination of service.
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How often are stats updated?
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Who do I contact for support?
Get in touch anytime through the Contact Us page. A customer service representative deals with queries in the order received.
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How do I sign up?
Fill out our online Sign-in form and submit it. An account manager will look it over and contact you by e-mail. As soon as you're approved, you can log in and confirm your account settings.
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How long does approval take?
Most often, 5 minutes or less.
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How do I start using my account?

After submitting the “Join us” form, you will receive your validation e-mail. You will have full access to your account immediately after clicking on the link provided in the e-mail.

You can access your Member Control Panel through http://www.payrev.com/domainer/login.do using the e-mail address and the password you provided in the “Join us” form. If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot your password” link.

After you sign in,

  Step 1:

Start adding your domain names.

  • Click on the Domain Management button at the top of your screen,then
  • Click on the Add Domains button
  Step 2:

Within few minutes, our system will determine which domain names don’t meet the listing criteria outlined in our FAQ.

  • Your approved domain names can be viewed by clicking on the Domain Management button
  • The restricted domains can be viewed by clicking on the Inactive Domains button
  Step 3:

Six hours after submitting your domain names, point them to our application. You can do so either by forwarding them or by changing the DNS to:

Primary: ns1.PayRev.com
Secondary: ns2.PayRev.com

  Step 4: You may contest the restricted domains by filling out the form on the Inactive Domains page. We will review your request and respond within 48 hours. Do not point these domains to our monetization service before we approve them for activation.

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